Virtual Pinball Encoder


The PINSCAPE based Encoder is back AND IMPROVED! See below for more info.

Built in nudge detection and optional add-on analog plunger module! Bring a higher level of realism to your Virtual Pinball machine.


The Pinscape Encoder is BACK! After briefly switching over to an alternative encoder we have decided to return to the KL25Z board and Pinscape – in short it is simply a superior solution.

This unit acts as an integrated Keyboard Encoder, Joystick Encoder and ANALOG Nudge unit in a simple, compact design. Based on the fantastic open source Pinscape project, we have added our own custom touches to provide an easy to use and VERY reliable Plug And Play Encoder.


We’ve made a number of alterations to our version of the Pinscape Encoder, aimed at dramatically improving its use.

We have completely remapped and reconfigured the unit to present a more logical layout. At the same time we have expanded the number of button inputs from 11 to 14, with the possibility of more to come in the future. The “breakout” type terminal strip has been omitted in favour of screw terminals mounted directly to the circuitboard, so the Encoder now presents itself in a much cleaner looking format that takes up far LESS SPACE.

Standard Features:

  • Compatibility with Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade control settings
  • 9 Pre-coded standard Keyboard Inputs, which are reconfigurable
  • 5 User assignable (within game control settings page) Joystick Button Inputs
  • Surface mounted input terminals to make wire connections a breeze
  • Inbuilt motion sensor that delivers realistic table nudging and rock solid performance
  • Automatic return to zero positioning – the unit re-calibrates on every reboot

Plunger Module Features:

  • Full analog operation – you have FULL CONTROL of the force with which the plunger strikes the ball
  • Smooth, repeatable action
  • Plug and Play when added to our Virtual Pinball Encoder
  • Robust design, adjustable to suit nearly all plunger installations

What’s Included?

  • Pinscape based Virtual Pinball Encoder unit
  • Attached wiring loom ready for connection to optional Plunger Module
  • USB Cable for direct connection to PC
  • Miniature flat blade screwdriver for installing wires
  • PCB Feet to ensure proper mounting of Encoder board
  • Installation and setup instructions, along with a simple to use configuration/programming utility – sent via email


  • Pre-assembled Plunger Module with custom bracket for attachment to most common pinball plungers
  • Budget Plunger, Bally\Williams Plunger or No Plunger (because you may already have one!)
  • Plunger Module includes a Low Tension Spring for fitting to your Plunger, providing a light and very smooth action.