Plunger Module


Use this with our Virtual Pinball Encoder.


This Module connects directly to our Virtual Pinball Encoder as an add-on upgrade. It will add the following functionality to your Virtual Pinball installation:


  • Full analog operation – you have FULL CONTROL of the force with which the plunger strikes the ball
  • Smooth, repeatable action
  • Compatibility with Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade
  • Plug and Play when added to our Virtual Pinball Encoder
  • Robust design, adjustable to suit nearly all plunger installations

We’ve designed the Plunger Module to work with as many different plungers as possible whilst keeping it as simple as possible to set up. It consists of a Slide Potentiometer mounted onto a robust 3D printed bracket. The bracket has adjustment slots to ensure the Slider can be fine tuned to suit your individual installation.

There is also a Slider Ring which is used to actuate the Slider. When the Module is fully installed, the ring sits on the pin of the Slider and the rod of your plunger sleeves through it, so when you pull back on the plunger the Slider moves back and forth with it. The end effect is that you really FEEL like you have control of the on-screen plunger.
We also include a Low Tension Spring for fitting to your Plunger, which lessens the amount of force applied by the plunger and provides a nice smooth action.

This works extremely well with many virtual pinball programs and offers a heightened sense of realism to the virtual pinball experience.

This product comes with:

  • Pre-assembled Plunger Module with custom bracket for attachment to most common pinball plungers
  • Your choice of either our Budget Plunger, a Bally\Williams Plunger or No Plunger (because you may already have one!)
  • Plunger Module includes a Low Tension Spring for fitting to your Plunger, providing a light and very smooth action.

PLEASE NOTE – This module is designed as an add-on for our own Virtual Pinball Encoder – it is NOT a stand-alone analog plunger. Please check with us before ordering to ensure this item is suitable to your requirements.