Project Consulting

In the past we used to offer some pretty comprehensive solutions for our customers, anywhere from a single player desktop fighter sticks to custom cabinets designed from scratch. Since downsizing our workshop a while back we’ve changed direction somewhat and now encourage customers to take more of a hands on, DIY approach.

This better suits our business model and has the added benefit of challenging customers to have a go and being more involved in what is essentially their own project, be it big or small. It’s great to share in the sense of achievement gained by a customer successfully accomplishing something that they always thought was beyond them. It usually saves them money too!

So, what can we do for you?

We’ve been around the Home Arcade Gaming scene since 2001, completed a lot of “one off” solutions and been commissioned on many customer projects, so we’d like to think we have a fair amount of useful information to draw on! There’s always “new stuff” to learn so we spend a fair amount of time lurking around the more popular arcade gaming forums to check out what’s happening. You’ll often see us posting replies here and there typically offering feedback, advice or suggestions to do with someone’s project. This helps us keep up to date and thinking of fresh ideas.

The Home Arcade scene is more diverse than you first realise and there’s a mountain of information, making it difficult to know whether the information you are looking up is relevant or useful to you. That’s where we come in – when you contact us for advice, you get to take advantage of our years of gathering knowledge and ideas to assist you in achieving the best end result on your own project.

But I need more than just a bit of advice!

If you really ARE all thumbs and shouldn’t be trusted around power tools then we won’t just leave you in the lurch. There are plenty of options and alternatives out there that we can take advantage of, as well as third parties that we can call on so you won’t be putting any of your appendages at risk!

If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch and we can make a few suggestions to help get you on your way. Initial consultations will only cost you a phone call and if you require ongoing assistance then that can be arranged.