Keyboard Encoders and Interface Hardware

We are the sole Australasian distributor for Ultimarc, who specialise in making keyboard encoders and other interface devices specifically designed for use in Home Arcade gaming.

We use the I-PAC2, I-PAC4 and J-PAC Keyboard Encoders in our products, as well as many custom applications, and find them to be an excellent device. All 3 models simply plug into the PS/2 Port of a PC or the USB Port of a PC or Mac and are automatically detected as a keyboard. All you do is wire up the microswitches from your pushbuttons and joysticks and they are detected by your computer as keystrokes.

The great thing about these encoders is that they have been purpose-built for Home Arcading and as such they do not suffer from key ghosting/blocking, unlike many DIY keyboard hacks that people have attempted. They are also fully programmable, so although they come ready to run with the default key inputs used by the popular MAME emulator, you can reprogram them to suit whatever program you wish to use.

We strongly suggest you visit the Ultimarc website to get the full impact of what these devices have to offer.

In addition, we also stock XinMo Joystick Encoders, which work in a similar fashion, but with a few less features and at a much keener price point.

They all do a great job – we wouldn’t be selling them if they didn’t!