PacLED64 Advanced Controller Board


64 Channel controller board with full LED brightness control


  • 64 LED channels with 256 brightness levels for full RGB color mixing.
  • NEW FEATURE! Can be set to flash any or all LEDs at one of 3 rates, without PC control.
  • Can be used with single-color or RGB LEDs (RGB use 3 channels).
  • Constant current negates the need for resistors for each LED.
  • Can be used with LEDs with inbuilt resistors if required.
  • 128-command flash storage for “attract-mode” sequences which run immediately on power-up with no PC present.
  • Supports single-command fades with preset speed on-board. Multiple fades can overlap.
  • User-assigned IDs allow multiple boards to be connected

Extensive software support including test application, Software Development kit for adding support to your own programs, and LedBlinky third-party software.

See Ultimarc’s website for comprehensive details and instructions HERE.

What’s included?

  • USB Cable
  • Power cable for connection to PC HDD power
  • 4 x 24-way empty connector housings.