Virtual Pinball Wiring Kit


Perfect for use with our Virtual Pinball Encoder.

This Kit has enough wires to allow you to hook up buttons etc to every input of our Virtual Pinball Encoder, as well as daisy-chained wires for hooking up power to the LEDs on Illuminated Buttons.

What’s Included?

  • 4 x Coloured Wires with 2.8mm connectors and matching ground wires (to use with GoldLeaf buttons as flipper buttons)
  • 12 x Coloured Wires with 6.3mm connectors and matching ground wires (to use with all other button types)
  • 14 x Daisy-chained Wires and a 1m length of matching wire for connection of LEDs

All wires are 1m in length, ensuring they are all long enough to reach your Pinball Encoder wherever you decide to place it in your cabinet!