Rectangle Illuminated Pushbutton


* Microswitch Included.
Add a Label for an extra $0.75.


These are a rectangular illuminated button measuring 52mm x 34mm, with a slightly domed top. The plunger can be disassembled for a label to be inserted under the transparent cover.

The buttons come with a 6mm ‘spacer’ which allows the button to be mounted into a 25mm diameter hole. By removing the spacer, the button can achieve a very low profile on your control panel, however it then requires a RECTANGLAR hole 48mm x 29mm and at least 8mm deep to be mounted in that fashion.

Each pushbutton comes with a lock nut and arcade quality microswitch. They are also supplied with a COLOURED 12v LED for illumination, which can be connected to an appropriate power supply without any modification.

Also available as a Coin Button.