Budget Ball Plunger



An inexpensive Ball Plunger, perfect for use in a Virtual Pinball machine.

Very easy to install, just drill a 20mm hole in the desired position on the front panel of your cabinet, sleeve the plunger in from the front, screw the lock nut onto the barrel of the plunger and you’re done.

Mated up with a Coin Mech Microswitch on a bracket (which can be added to this item as an option) provides you with a simple, low cost a reliable solution to adding plunge/launch capability to your Virtual Pin. The best part is you can wire it up to act as the ENTER key of your keyboard which is the default “plunge” key for all pinball programs. And it’s not a bad looking plunger, either!


A coin mech style microswitch and right angle bracket, to adapt the plunger to work with Virtual Pinball software.