Budget Ball Plunger



An inexpensive Ball Plunger, perfect for use in a “no frills” Virtual Pinball machine.

Very easy to install, just drill a 20mm hole in the desired position on the front panel of your cabinet, sleeve the plunger in from the front, screw the lock nut onto the barrel of the plunger and you’re done.

Mated up with a Coin Mech Microswitch mounted to a 3D printed bracket (which can be added to this item as an option) provides you with a simple, low cost a reliable solution to adding plunge/launch capability to your Virtual Pin. The best part is you can wire it up to act as the ENTER key of your keyboard which is the default “plunge” key for all pinball programs.

Once you have the Plunger installed, you just screw the microswitch onto its bracket, align the bracket on the side panel your cabinet so the wire on the microswitch sits on the tip of the Plunger, then secure the bracket to the panel.

Please refer to the product pictures for an installation by one of our customers. He chose to bend the Microswitch wire and put a rubber doorstop on the tip of the plunger to maximise contact with the wire. We recommend that you consider this modification should you purchase this product from us.


A coin mech style microswitch and 3D printed bracket, to adapt the plunger to work with Virtual Pinball software.