Virtual Pinball Setup – Pre-configured SSD


Having trouble setting up your Virtual Pinball PC? Let us do all the hard work for you!

Please *DO NOT* order this product unless we have advised you to.

This is perfect for those who don’t have the time, patience or technical know-how to get their Virtual Pinball PC up and running with all the necessary software. This service provides you with a 240Gb SSD that has all the necessary software compiled in such a way that it will work pretty much “out of the box” with our other Virtual Pinball products, such as the Pinball Encoder, PIN2DMD and Tactile Feedback Kit.

Installation is reasonably easy and apart from possibly needing to install drivers for your motherboard and video card, all you should need to do is sort out your monitor layout on the system and then it will be ready to use. Instructions are included to help with that process.

A program called Team Viewer is included which enables us to access your computer, so if you require any support we can jump in and sort out most minor issues. In addition, we offer one free update – the Virtual Pinball scene changes so quickly that we find many customers want to make changes or additions themselves, but we figured it would be far better for us to do it for you to reduce the chances of something going wrong. That involves returning the SSD to us so we can update the whole system and then return it to you ready to go again.

Minimum PC Requirements

    To ensure everything will run smoothly, we require the following as an ABSOLUTE minimum PC spec:

  • Intel i5-3470 processor
  • 4Gb RAM
  • Nvidia GTX1050 Video Card

Anything less than the above specification will result in performance issues – contact us in you require more information regarding this.

NOTE – All the necessary programs, files etc contained in our setup are freely and readily available for download on the internet. It is important to point out the you are NOT paying for those files and programs, but for the SSD itself and the time it takes us to install, configure and refine everything to ensure the setup will work reliably and efficiently in pretty much any PC.