Electronic Coin Mech


This model is electronic and connects to 12V DC, which can be sourced from the JAMMA harness or direct from the power supply within the cabinet. If you are creating a MAME cabinet and using a PC instead, simply connect the unit to a spare 12V plug from within your PC.

This model also uses universal mounting holes and comes with all mounting hardware and wiring required for installation. It also accepts the JAMMA power plug which simplifies connection in JAMMA cabinets.

Coin detection is done electronically, so once you connect up the supplied wiring harness all you do is insert a sample coin into a cradle on the side of the unit and it is ready to go. The CM02 uses a ‘Hall effect’ type switch that detects the coin being inserted and determines if it should be accepted. This then triggers a gate to accept (or reject) the coin and sends a signal through another circuit to register a credit. No microswitch is required for credit detection.