Tactile Feedback Kit


Give your Virtual Pinball machine “the feels”!

This kit comprises an amplifier and a special pair of speakers called “Exciters” which, when installed, transmit vibrations through your Virtual Pinball cabinet. This enables you to feel every bumper pop, flipper press, target drop, collision or pretty much any type of mechanical “event” as it happens during play. On many pinball tables you can even feel the ball rolling down the playfield!!

It works astonishingly well for such a simple setup and as such, we reckon it’s the best bang-for-your-buck addition you can make to your Virtual Pinball cabinet.

What do you get?

  • 2 x 4Ohm 20w Heavy Duty Exciter Speakers
  • 1 x 2 channel Amplifier, with power supply and Audio Cable
  • 2m of Speaker Cable
  • Instructions for installing hardware and configuring software

How do you install it?

Mount the Exciters and Amp into your cabinet and wire up the Exciters, connect the Audio Cable from the Amp to a secondary audio source (usually the headphone or Audio Out jack of your Playfield TV/Monitor), plug in the Amp’s power supply and the hardware installation is done.

You then change a couple of software settings on your PC (this differs slightly depending on which programs you run) so all the mechanical sounds generated are sent through to the Exciters and then you are ready to roll.

There’s obviously a bit more to it than that and it is all included in our VERY easy to understand instructions, so it should only take around one hour to complete everything required.

PLEASE NOTE – At times we may offer alternative components in this kit, such as a different model amplifier or Exciter Speakers, however the operation and performance of the Kit will remain the same.