PIN2DMD – RGB LED Dot Matrix Display for REAL Pinball Machines


A FULL COLOUR LED Dot Matrix Display for your REAL pinball machine.

Now featuring the new Evo Boards with updated firmware.

Please DO NOT ORDER unless you have contacted us first! See below for details.

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This unit uses a 128×32 pixel RGB Dot Matrix Display panel, mated up to some very clever hardware and software developed by the PIN2DMD project. The end result is a full colour DMD unit ready to be installed and used in your REAL Pinball machine! If you prefer a more traditional “single colour” DMD then the PIN2DMD can be configured to do that if you prefer and it can be set to any colour you like!

Please be aware that the full colour treatment is not yet available for EVERY DMD pinball machine, so some research may be required for you to ascertain this prior to purchase. Please check with us before ordering as we know the status on most of the popular machines, otherwise we can advise on how to find out this information so you can then place your order.

Note that the colouring process is tedious and time consuming and some authors choose to charge a small fee to share their colour files.

The DMD unit comes mounted to a frame ready for installation into your cabinet. The interface circuitboards are pre-configured and mounted to the back of the frame with all wiring in place. One of those boards will have an SD-Card plugged into it containing a couple of customised files which are necessary for the display to operate correctly. We will assist you with those files as they can differ from one machine to the next. So then all you should need to do is wire the display up to power (either from inside your machine or using our optional power supply), plug in the data cable, then fire up the machine and away you go.

In addition to the purchase cost, you will need to make a “donation” to the PIN2DMD project to receive an Activation Code to unlock the firmware installed into the unit. This is an anti-piracy measure they’ve had to put in place and the fee is referred to as a donation, with all proceeds going to charity.
We have you do this during the ordering process and then have you send us the Activation Code File. This enables us to fully test your DMD unit before packing it and sending it to you.

What’s Included:

  • A Fully assembled RGB DMD Unit mounted to a frame
  • SD Card containing Activation Code File and colour palette file(s)
  • 12v Power Supply

PIN2DMD is an open source project that relies on interest from the Virtual Pinball community to continue expanding. So by all means become involved and help to grow the project!