Compact Illuminated Pushbutton



As the title suggests, these are a compact button with both the microswitch and LED built into them. This makes them perfect for use where depth below the control panel is an issue and also makes for easier installation.

These buttons have a “non-clicking” microswitch built in making them quiet, smooth and accurate in their action. They also have 2 LEDs built in which illuminate the entire button very evenly, so there is no “hot spot” like on some buttons you see.

Best of all these buttons will fit into a standard 28mm hole in a panel up to 20mm thick, so they make for a good replacement button in existing machines.

Note that although the terminals are 2.8mm, the larger 6.3mm connectors used in our Wiring Kit will still fit satisfactorily on these buttons – you may just need to give the connectors a light “pinch” with some pliers to help them stay on the terminals securely.