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We have a number of different cabinets available, both new and used, to suit a wide variety of tastes.

Used Arcade Cabinets & Pinball Machines

We usually carry a variety of arcade cabinets and Pinball Machines. Due to constant turnover it is not practical to list them here, so we suggest that you phone or email us. In addition to selling we are always interested in purchasing machines, so if you have one (or more) that you wish to part with or trade drop us a line so we can discuss it.

If you are after something in particular then please ask as we should be able to track it down for you.

Compact Cocktail Cabinet

Updated March 2nd, 2006

PRICE: $1575.00AUD

We made a drastic departure in the style of this cabinet and settled on a sort of "future retro" look which should appeal to a broad audience. The result is a cabinet that you must agree is unique.

Its compact size and simple yet solid construction has allowed us to keep the cost of this cabinet down to a very realistic price, which we hope will add to its appeal. It will also fit into the tightest of spaces and is light enough for one person to easily move.

These cabinets are 'ready to play' - simply turn it on and it displays a list of about 160 classic arcade games, scroll through the list with the joystick, highlight the game you want to play then press a button to load that game. There is an instruction card under the glass explaining how to operate the cabinet, so when your friends drop around to play you don't have to keep explaining it to them!


It is planned to make this cabinet available in "kit" form with all hardware, buttons, joysticks, wiring etc so you can assemble it yourself and install your own PC and monitor. Please email us to register your interest in such a kit - more details will be posted as they become available.

Note that the first picture below includes our "Classic" cocktail cabinet to provide a comparison to the size of the Compact unit.


We recommend a company called Pack and Send, who have a website . They specialise in moving this type of equipment and are good on price for the service they provide. Please email us for cost as it depends on your destination and method of delivery. If you prefer to use your own carrier then we are more than happy to work with them to ensure the cabinet is delivered safely.

If you are located in or close to suburban Melbourne then we encourage you to pick up the cabinet once it is ready.


If you'd like to order a cocktail cabinet, please do so . We usually have one unit in stock complete and ready to ship and full payment is required in advance.

In the event that we do not have a cabinet ready to send one will be made to order. We require a 50% deposit in that situation, with the balance payable upon completion.

Classic Cocktail Cabinet

Please note that this model has been be discontinued.

Feel free to us if you need any more information.