Customer Gallery

Are you in need of ideas or some added inspiration to complete your own project? This page showcases creations that some of our customers have come up with.

You’ll notice that we’ve overlooked anything elaborate or outrageous, with good reason. We regard Home Arcading as something to be enjoyed by anyone who has a passion for it, so we prefer to show you what can be achieved by keeping things simple.

That’s not to say we don’t appreciate a gold plated, fur lined, 7 player cabinet that features an automatic espresso machine and has more buttons than a shirt factory, but we’d rather show how easy it can be to produce an end result that is both functional and stylish.

If you are keen to have your pride and joy shown here then drop us a line and we’ll consider adding it!


This is a very special, one off cabinet for a guy by the name of Brad Price. He became an accidental hero as a result of his actions in surviving the Black Saturday bushfires, which claimed his home and all possessions on his Kinglake property. More can be learnt about the extent of these fires
HERE at Wikipedia. Brad also featured in a segment on the TV show A Current Affair and you can view the video HERE at NineMSN.

Brad is a regular over at Aussie Arcade Forums and after we MAMEd a Lowboy of his in late 2008 he dropped off this one for similar treatment, however he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted done with it so we were to hold off until he decided. Quite some time passed with not much contact, then a couple of days after Black Saturday Brad appeared on TV and we got the shock of our lives!!!

I called Brad to make sure he was OK and one of the first things he asked was “do you still have my Lowboy”? He said he wanted something very special as he lost his arcade collection in the fire, so this cabinet would have to make a statement. After a bit of thought we decided to drum up some interest over at Aussie Arcade and THIS THREAD was started to ask for donations/contributions to the project with the view to being able to present Brad with a unique kick-butt cabinet. As can be seen from the thread the response was fantastic and we would like to acknowledge the following members for their selfless support:

– Dezbaz – prktkljokr – Slevbro – Arcade King – LOTR4U – Bluebear – Stuba – Emohawk – daics3522 – mxd – IMPURE – Davefjedi – narf_ – Felix from Gamemasters


Special thanks must go to el_timbo86 (Tim) from Aussie arcade for creating the artwork theme and arranging all the printing. We originally had in mind to only cover half the side panels with artwork however Tim was insistent that we do the lot, so assuming we’d receive enough donations we gave him the go ahead. The end result is stunning and unfortunately the photos do not do justice to how brilliant the artwork looks. 3M Scotchcal was used for the sideart which was cold laminated in GLOSS rather than matt. The control panel overlay is matt to give a better feel and wear. The marquee is on a translite and backlit by a fluorescent light it looks very classy indeed! Tim put a heap of work into this project and he rendered everything into Photoshop from scratch. The results speak for themselves.

We made a new rear panel and door and then covered them and any other ‘untreated’ panels with our Overlay material so the cabinet now looks brand new (from a distance, anyway).


We’d originally planned to use a 19″ LCD monitor but we weren’t able to find one that would be bright enough under the tinted glass. The decision to swap to a CRT was made easier when a 19″ CRT PC monitor was donated. The back part of the case was removed which provided access to convenient mounting points so installing the monitor was reasonably easy. The front of the casing was spray painted black and a sheet of black craft paper was used to created a mask to put under the glass. It’s now very difficult to tell what sort of monitor is sitting in there.


A P4 3GHz PC was donated for use along with a hard drive preformatted by an Aussie Arcade member with MaLa and several emulators. After a few hiccups with the faulty hard drive we settled on a setup in MaLa that uses MAME and Daphne for arcade games, in addition to running Sega Genesis and Megadrive along with NES games. At the top of Brad’s wishlist was a front end that ran video previews of the games rather than ‘just’ screenshots, so about 12Gb of AVI files were downloaded from EmuMovies and added to the setup. This adds significantly to the entertainment factor of the cabinet and acts as a great introduction to games that people may not be familiar with. A special version of XP was used and every game runs perfectly well even though the system only has 512Mb of RAM, a 30Gb HDD and uses onboard sound AND video.

Control Panel

We sent the old panel over to an Aussie Arcade member in WA as he had arranged for a mate of his to make up a new panel from 2mm aluminium sheet. It was cut using a CNC machine and he had the good sense to take a video of the process so we could see it in action. It’s a pretty cool piece of equipment but it also sounds really noisy so it wouldn’t be all that great to be near it all the time!

The panel from the video didn’t end up being used as we got our wires crossed and it only had 3 buttons per player when we wanted 6. This turned out to be a good thing though as we added 2 more holes to the front of the panel for extra buttons. The new panel is a PERFECT fit and looks great on the cabinet all filled out.


It was decided to make a video of the cabinet in action so everyone who made a contribution to the project (along with everyone else) can better appreciate how it all works. It is hosted on YouTube and embedded here (look to the right) to save you the trouble of searching for it.

This video turned out rather dark but we had to stay with it due to the second video (which we did under better lighting) being corrupted and unfortunately we didn’t realise this until AFTER Brad collected the cabinet!

Mini Donkey Kong cabinet by Mark W.

Mark made mention that he was building a Donkey Kong themed cabinet so I asked him to forward some pics and info once it was finished. Here’s what he sent in:

I’ve loved arcade games since I was a kid in the 80’s and my 9 y.o. son has always been mad keen on anything to do with Nintendo’s Mario character. Late last year I started to think about buying or building a Donkey Kong cabinet for my son’s room. We’ve already decorated my son’s room with a Mario theme and I thought a DK cabinet would tie in well, as the DK arcade game was the first game to feature the Mario character. But the American style DK cabinets are hard to get in Australia and they are quite large. My wife didn’t want anything that would take up too much space, so I decided to make a scaled down DK cabinet 3/4 the size of an original.

It took about two months to get it to where it is now. I worked on it in my spare time from mid October to mid December 2010. I used 16 mm MDF for the sides and the rest was done with 12 mm MDF and plywood. I used the DK plans from and scaled them down to 75% of full size. Anything I didn’t have dimensions for I scaled off of pictures of real DK cabs on the internet. The colour is White Knight Cherry Red out of a spray can. I wanted the red so it looked like an original Nintendo ‘Radar Scope’ to DK conversion cabinet.

Most of the parts I bought are from OzStick. It has the 60 in 1 PCB, along with a joystick, push buttons and fake coin slots from OzStick. I was particularly impressed with those, once lit up they look bloody awesome.

As for the other parts, the 16 mm white T-moulding is from and the marquee light is a caravan fluoro from SuperCheap Auto. The power supply is an old PC power supply from eBay. The monitor is a 17 inch Phillips LCD from the Recycled Office Shop. I wanted to use a CRT monitor but had trouble with getting it to fit while still maintaining the angle of the screen. I’m least happy with the monitor, I’ll probably reposition it and change the monitor sometime down the track. I used 3mm clear acrylic for the marquee, control panel and screen, this was cut to size for me by I ordered the side art and marquee from and it’s 3/4 scale of the proper side art and marquee. I did the control panel art myself by printing out the stickers individually sticking them all together.

My daughter wants me to make a Ms. Pac-man cabinet for her next but that might be a little way of. As you can see from some of the pics we are doing some home renovations and the renno’s ground to a halt while I was working on the cabinet. So I’ll need to get back to the renno’s to keep in good favour with the Mrs.

Custom desktop joystick by Justin R.

Justin dropped in one day to pick up a few buttons, a joystick and an I-PAC2 to fit into a custom enclosure he was putting together. The thing that interested us was that he was using REAL carbon fibre, so we asked him for a few pics of the end result.

Unfortunately we’ve not been able to get in contact with Justin again as we’d have liked pictures of the inside and rear of the unit, however the two we’ve shown here at least give you an idea of what he’s done.

So Justin, if you see this please get back to us and maybe send along another couple of pics for us to show off!!

“Taxi Cab” bartop style cabinet by Dale M.

Dale has placed several orders with us in the past and we were quite keen to see what he was going to come up with on this project. We’ll let dale tell the story:

The Taxi Cab is one of two similar bartops I designed completely from scratch. The idea was to build a space-saving (and somewhat portable) machine that overcame the limitations of a typical bartop (tiny screen, limited controls or limited uses). Key to this concept was the use of removable control panels of different configurations that could either be daisy chained or used in parallel to allow multiplayer despite a small cabinet.

The name itself came from trying to decide on a colour scheme (it was originally going to be black with blue T-molding). When yellow and black came to mind, “The Taxi Cab” seemed like a good play on words for an “Arcade Cab[inet]”, which set the theme for the paintwork and the custom Front-End for Mala.

Dale is a very active participant on the messageboards at Aussie Arcade so feel free to look him up if you have any questions. He also has a website with heaps more info on this and other projects, which you’ll find here

ArcadeVGA Card in a Car PC! by James C.

James owns a BA model Ford Fairmont which has an LCD screen fitted as standard equipment. He wanted to hook up an in-car PC and found that the screen requires a 15kHz signal, whereas PC monitors run at 31kHz so this was a problem.

After some investigation he ended up coming to us for an ArcadeVGA Card, which sends the desired 15kHz signal and he was then able to complete the set up the way he wanted.

James has advised that a writeup on modding the screen can be found HERE.

Homemade cocktail cabinet by Anthony Mc.

We don’t have much info on Anthony’s cocktail cabinet, except that he built it from scratch using design elements from a few others he’d seen around the internet. He purchased the buttons, joysticks and I-PAC from us and at the time was undecided about how to do the control panels, but as you can see he opted for metal panels which he was able to obtain these from another supplier. We reckon it was a good way to go as the metal panels fit in well with the cabinet’s shape.

As you can see his design is uncomplicated, however to add some shape Anthony had the glass cut to the same profile as the top panel which makes the control panels a lot more accessible.

The cast metal legs are another nice touch, which Anthony purchased from a cabinet supplier. They are something a little different and add a lot of character to the end result.

PacMan themed upright cabinet by Rhod Mc.

This is a bit of a teaser for the time being, as Rhod has promised to send us more pics and info so until he does, all we have is the one picture of his freshly completed PacMan inspired cabinet.

We do know that it was built from scratch and uses buttons, joysticks, an I-PAC, 2 Classic coin mechs and red t-moulding all purchased from us, but aside from the obvious PacMan theme we know nothing else about it until Rhod comes good!

Robotron themed Cocktail Cabinet by Manny N.

Manny came to see us one day and mentioned he was doing a cocktail cabinet, which didn’t seem that “special” until we noticed he’d started posting messages up at the Aussie Arcade website showing his progress.

What we didn’t realise is that he was making a THEMED cabinet with a very high level of detail when compared to the original. The end result is a very clean, no fuss look which betrays the amount of work that Manny has put into getting it just right. It also remains true to the original Robotron 2084 game, which uses two joysticks (one for movement and the other for shooting), at the same time as straying just a little by adding a couple of buttons to each control panel so that plenty of other games are playable.

A 21″ PC monitor has been used along with a P4 PC. At time of writing Manny is still working on his software setup and he plans to use a customisable frontend (maybe MaLa or MAMEWah?) so he can further enhance the Robotron theme. We’ll update this entry once he has added the finishing touches.

If you want to look Manny up on Aussie Arcade, his username is Manny Negg.